Bailey’s chasing tails and walking trials

Living in the Lincolnshire Wolds is absolutely pawesome! During the week I usually busy myself with patrolling the garden, barking at the postman and hey! That slipper won’t chew itself!

It all builds up to the best day of the week…. SATURDAY! That’s when the humans and I set out to explore the Lincolnshire Wolds. Without fail, every Saturday morning the humans lace up their muddy boots, zip up their coats and grab my lead. It’s always so fun and exciting to see them with smiley faces as they get ready for our adventure – such a change from moody Mondays and worn-out Wednesdays.

First stop is The March Hare in Market Rasen, where we need a fuel stop before we tackle those Lincolnshire trails! I am always on my best behaviour here and lie quietly under the table while my humans guzzle local Lincolnshire sausages, bacon and eggs, washed down with a cup of Stokes coffee. I never liked coffee (although the humans love it there), but if I am extra good I am always rewarded with half a Lincolnshire sausage! Yum!

Next we jump back in the car to drive a few miles down the road to Binbrook. I can’t help steaming up the window and drooling at the beautiful rolling hills of the Lincolnshire Wolds – there must be hundreds of rabbits to chase in there! The humans park in the centre of Binbrook and we set off out of the village to start our 9km circular walk through stunning open hilltops and grass valleys.

I tip my ears in respect as we pass Binbrook’s RAF 460 Squadron Memorial, and then we pass through the stile and into open fields. A huge horse trotted up once to say hello so I decided to stay on the lead; I wasn’t scared but sometimes horses don’t like fluffy dogs. Then I was off! There was a friendly farmer spraying his fields who waved but I didn’t have time for formalities – there was important sniffing to do!

There was a wooden walkway to cross marshy ground which was so much fun. My paw ‘accidently’ slipped off the boardwalk once or twice, so I got a little wet, but it felt good to cool down.

Our walk passed through a field of sheep, who followed us all the way to the stile, and into the lovely little Stainton le Vale. We passed through woodlands and re-joined the famous Viking Way for a short spell near Kirmond le Mire. Finally, we looped back into Binbrook.

All that walking made us thirsty, so we headed to The Plough Inn in the village for a pint of local Lincolnshire ale – there was a great choice of real ales from Bateman’s Brewery and Horncastle Ales. It was such a nice afternoon, so we relaxed in the beer garden and I fell asleep to the sound of twittering birds…

If you would like to try my Lincolnshire walk you can view my route here.

Anyway, I need to get back to that slipper…

Lots of love from your furry friend, Bailey.