Horncastle Hobby House & Horncastle Cake Art

A one stop hobby shop. At Horncastle Hobby House, we have had over ten years’ worth of experience supplying yarns for crochet, knitting, and needle felting.

We pride ourselves on stocking a wide variety of traditional crafts products, including those for children. Based in Lincolnshire, we are pleased to keep the tradition of these crafts alive in the modern age. We know the joy that can come from creating your own unique items for yourself, as well as friends and family. 

We are a family business based in Horncastle, Lincolnshire making wedding and celebration cakes. Cake decoration classes will be resuming in September 2021.

Do not be deterred by the wool and crafts – we have a large display area in the back of the shop. We stock a large range of sugarcraft equipment along with icing, boards, boxes and cake decorations.