Syd the Seagull’s bird’s eye view

Sometimes it’s a hard life being a seagull. I’ve been all over the country, flying from one seaside town to the next and having to leave new friends behind as I search for the perfect spot to spend my days.

Do you notice how many millions of humans there are in England? My great grandfather used to tell me it wasn’t always like that in the olden days and seagulls were able to enjoy the coastal areas in peace. Trying to find a spot along the busy pier in Cornwall? A seagull can forget it nowadays! Absolutely packed!

However, the Lincolnshire coast is an absolute dream. Miles upon miles of sandy stretches and sand dunes only occasionally interspersed with a child building a sand castle or a fat grey seal basking in the sun.

Only half an hour (as the gull flies) from the beautiful rolling hills of the Lincolnshire Wolds, the Lincolnshire coast is one of the best coastlines I have seen for natural, undisturbed wildlife. Sometimes I fly by the North Sea Observatory; it’s a cool pointy structure with big windows so I can see inside. There is usually loads of information and exhibitions on marine life and I can see the humans inside relaxing in the café and spotting all sorts of marine life outside… even me! Sometimes they have art exhibitions showcasing local talent – I’ve been thinking about entering an impressionist piece of art made with seaweed, but it’s not finished yet.

The fishing is pretty good. Sometimes I have to share the feeding grounds with a grey seal but that’s the circle of life. In November and December, I can see thousands of grey seals at Donna Nook with their new young pups; they are so cute and fluffy but make sure you give the mothers a wide berth – you won’t find me fighting a seal for its supper during birthing time! Most humans come to see the seals and photograph them from a safe distance.

On a Saturday I head to one of the seaside towns to see if I can find some discarded chips. Skegness and Mablethorpe haven’t changed much over the years, they still offer traditional seaside family fun with donkey rides, amusement arcades and fairground rides. I wish I could go on the rides but I’m not tall enough. I will have to make sure I finish all my fish and chips to keep me growing.

There’s nothing better than fish and chips covered with salt and vinegar after a day of flying along the Lincolnshire coast – all that sea breeze always builds up my appetite!