Louth Distillery

Lincolnshire's oldest distillery, has now been modernised to bring you the Louth Distillery.

The Bottomley distilling heritage dates back to 1950's with the original Mr Stansfield Bottomley. Mr Bottomley was a passionate small scale whisky producer, beginning his trade in West Yorkshire, before moving on to Lincolnshire. His son, Alan Bottomley, carried these practises on, and with his partner Amy, founded Bottomley Distillery. This led to the launch of Pin Gin in early 2017, which is now one of Lincolnshire’s fastest growing and most recognisable brands. 

Due to the sucess and growth of the Pin Gin brand, in 2021 Amy and Alan decided to expand their production into a larger, more impressive 24,000 sq ft distillery, now known to the public as the Louth Distillery. Once launched, this will be home to the Gin School experience and the Tour & Taste experience. 

Louth Distillery will be open from the 22nd of April 2023, read more about this exciting new visitors centre here.