Louth Museum

The Tardis outside Louth Museum tells you that there's far more inside than you imagine such a small building could contain. The story of Louth can be traced from ancient fossils and mammoths' teeth to a scale model of Louth's Malt Kiln (demolished in 2015).  There are free activities for kids, and several short exhibitions each season.

A reproduction of William Brown's painting of the view from the topmost point of St James's Church in 1844 is in the first gallery. Ludalinks gallery has fossils, geology, Roman and Medieval exhibits, an amazing collection of butterflies, and stuffed birds from the beginning of the 20th century. The Flood Gallery charts the route of the devastating Louth Flood of 1920, with photographs, film of the clearing up operations, and much more. The Town Gallery brings recent history to life, with many exhibits that older visitors will remember. The stunning carvings by TW Wallis are also in this gallery. Wallis spent most of his working life in Louth, producing award-winning carvings of incredible detail.  'Trophy of Spring' is the most recent item. It was donated to the museum and arrived from California, complete with its earthquake-proof cabinet, standing 5 feet high.