KR Wood Artisan

At Hillcrest Park in Caistor, Khalid Radi (KR Wood Artisan) finishes and refines his hand made wooden creations in his workshop, as well as displaying a range of items in his showroom which is open to the public.

The showroom is an Aladdin's Cave of hand made products from either Morocco or have a Moroccan influence. Items such as leather bags and purses from Fes, pottery (including tagines) from Rabat, fossils from the Moroccan Sahara and the Atlas Mountains and blankets, scarves and rugs from Essaouira.

The wooden products are hand made by Khalid; he uses Moroccan cedar (araar or thuya) for most smaller designs or pine for the larger pieces of furniture like mirrors, bedside tables and treasure chests. Each cedar item has a beautiful fragrance when opened and the grain of the wood is brought out by the French polish.

Products available include chess sets, treasure chests, tables, jewellery boxes, pen pots, desk tidies, puzzle boxes and many more treasures to tempt you in this Lincolnshire Souk!