Alison Reed exhibits at Caistor Arts & Heritage Centre

01 Nov 2018 - 02 Jan 2019

Although Alison chose printmaking as her medium her final show was sculpture and photography.

She was subsequently chosen to exhibit in the RCA and was commissioned by Lord Rothschild to make a life-size bronze sculpture of five gnashing running dogs, it looked like her career might have gone down a different route. Despite this success she abandoned sculpture and returned to printmaking.

Her upbringing on a farm explains her preoccupation with animals in her work as she had literally spent most of the walking hours surrounded by them - cows, cats, dogs and chickens were her constant companions.

'I love the work ethic of printmaking, the repetition of producing the multiple, there is nothing better than a workshop full of drying prints, it is testament to a good days work. some would say I am very machine like and perhaps that is how I might describe myself too!'

Alison is now a full time printmaker, exhibiting in a number of other venues scattered across the country and internationally with the AAF's.

Event Date & Time

01 Nov 2018 - 02 Jan 2019

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