Northern Green Gathering

12 Aug 2021 - 15 Aug 2021

Fabulous long weekend of music, sustainability, learning and sharing.

Community is born in the field and consolidates around the campfire.

Cloth Cat Stage: 'Resource Living' Solar powered, local real ale and, rock, hip-hop, ska, world, punk, folk.

Reaction Sounds: Bikes generate electricity powering speakers to keep the party going.

Campaigns Soapbox: Grass roots organisations, charities, community groups, working for social and ecological justice. 

Healing Area: Guided by the expertise of practitioners and teachers, reclaiming the power to heal ourselves.

Crafts Area: Sharing skills to upcycle, recycle, recognising the importance of creative expression to well-being.

Children’s Area: To learn and play in an ecological way. 

Teen Tent: Safe space for teens to have fun and express themselves, music jams, games and magic of whatever you bring and share.

Accessible Camping area close to the main site, with accessible toilets and power for charging your vehicles.

Food: Dhalicious vegetarian curries – Sunshine Pizza, Veggies vegan burgers, hotdogs, and Fre3dome fresh coffee and cake.

Sento Spa – Provide warm showers and hot tubs. Close to camping for morning ablutions, and first morning cup of tea.



Event Date & Time

12 Aug 2021 - 15 Aug 2021