We're Good To Go

We are pleased to be supporting the new “We’re Good to Go” UK-wide industry standard and consumer mark to provide confidence for visitors, communities and tourism businesses alike as we recover from the COVID-19 lockdown and beyond.

You will see the mark displayed alongside business listings on this website.

The ‘We’re Good To Go’ industry standard and supporting mark mean businesses across all sectors of the tourism and hospitality industry can demonstrate that they’re adhering to the respective government and public health guidance, and have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment to check they have the required processes and protocols in place.

How is the mark obtained?

To obtain the mark businesses must complete an online self-assessment (We're Good To Go application) which includes a checklist confirming they have put the necessary processes in place. Once complete, businesses will receive certification and access to the ‘We’re Good To Go’ mark for display in their premises and online.

Businesses across the UK will be assessed according to their respective national guidance once published, including the physical distancing and cleanliness protocols that must be in place. In England, businesses will align with the UK Government’s official guidance for the sector. An ‘alert’ system ensures that businesses signed up to the standard are notified if there are changes to the official guidance. A call-handling service will provide you with support and assessors will also carry-out random spot-checks to ensure your business is adhering to the guidance.