Horncastle’s Role in Preserving our National History

Plants are really important. We eat them, build with them, wear clothes made from them and breathe the oxygen they create.

Thanks to funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, the Horncastle-based Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is leading a project to preserve Lincolnshire’s botanical heritage and inspire and train future botanists. As well as the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, other project partners include the Natural History Museum, Lincolnshire Naturalists' Union, Sir Joseph Banks Society and the University of Lincoln.

Inspired by Sir Joseph Banks, an 18th Century Lincolnshire naturalist who voyaged around the world with Captain Cook, the project aims to:

  • Introduce children to the importance of plants in the modern world
  • Inspire young people to train as the botanists of the future
  • Train volunteers in traditional plant collecting and archiving skills
  • Preserve Lincolnshire's botanical heritage with a new collection of Lincolnshire plants

Two events are being planned to share aspects of the project with the public;

Throughout October, the Lincspirational Plants Light Exhibition will be held at the Joseph Banks Centre. 30 artworks have been selected to represent 30 Inspirational Plants reminding us of the link between plants and creativity, and how they symbolise the value and importance of our connection with the natural world.

On Saturday 9th October from 6pm to 9pm there will be an exciting outdoor event to celebrate the project. The Lincspirational Plants Light Show features an evening light show and music event being held at their headquarters at Banovallum House, Manor House Street.

The Joseph Banks Centre will be open to visitors for extended hours on 9th October from 10am to 9pm with the opportunity to visit the exhibition of the Lincspirational Plants artwork and enjoy some refreshments.