Active Lincolnshire launch Bike Donation Scheme; first stop, Louth.

Wheels for Life is a new scheme for bike donation which will take pre-loved bikes and bring them back to a usable condition for them to be gifted to people who do not have the opportunity to enjoy the varied benefits of owning and using a bike. The first hub has now launched in Louth and will be the first of many across the county that will be open to take donations.

Active Lincolnshire, is running the scheme as the county’s charity who advocate the creating of inclusive, accessible opportunities for people to be active have launched a new scheme to rehome unloved and unwanted bicycles.

James Pocklington, Louth’s hub leader for the scheme is very passionate about what Wheels for Life and what it will mean for the Lincolnshire town. ‘’As an advocate for ‘Low Carbon Louth’ and encouraging sustainable living, this scheme helps to encourage practical solutions to reducing carbon emissions. We created a cycle forum during Covid and we want to encourage more people to get back on a bike and become more confident cycling around the town, not only for the health benefits but the environmental impact it will have.”

The scheme is encouraging people to search their garages and sheds for any unloved and unused bike that can be donated. It is recommended that bikes donated are adult and older children’s bikes in a useable and repairable condition.

When the bikes arrive to their hub, they are repaired and fully serviced by James and the team of volunteers to ensure that they have a long service life when they reach their new homes. The bikes will then be gifted to people across the county along with a cyclist starter kit, including safety equipment and training. James and the team believe it is important for people to have confidence when cycling and not to give up at the first hurdle. As part of the bike handover, people will be trained to fix a punctured wheel or brake pad, along with other safety and repair advice, and given an understanding of the rules of the road.

James and the team are also running ‘Bike Doctor’ sessions for local people to come along to the Community Centre and learn how to repair their bikes. James is a qualified bike mechanic with a City & Guilds Level 2, industry standard qualification for professional mechanics.

Emma Tatlow, CEO of Active Lincolnshire, ‘Given the cost-of-living crisis we recognised that a large number of people across the county are in transport poverty and all of these people could benefit from having a bike to make their life easier, such as being able to get to and from work, social opportunities and having a great way to explore Lincolnshire whilst be active. Already recipients of the scheme have been given freedom and independence to undertake activities on their own, not having to rely on a lift, or on public transport to get somewhere.’

Active Lincolnshire’s aim is to recycle 500 bikes in the first year of the campaign, which will have a huge impact on the environment saving 7.5 tons of waste every year.

Have you a bike you wish to donate? Please go online to to find your local donation point.

Interested in finding out how you can receive a bike from the scheme? Please click here.