Louth to North Ormsby and back

  • Distance 18.93 Miles
  • Elevation 146.25FT

This is an energetic ride combining level cycling with a challenging climb out of North Ormsby. However the views out to the coast are well worth it!

  • Overall distance: 18.7 miles
  • Terrain: Mostly on country roads, 1 busy road section
  • Highest point: 125 metres above sea level
  • Lowest point: 15 metres above sea level
  • Journey time @ 8mph: 2 ½ hours plus breaks

Looking after the Wolds - The Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service works in partnership with the Lincolnshire Wolds Joint Advisory Committee and other groups and individuals to help protect, enhance and raise awareness of this nationally protected landscape. For more information about the Wolds, please visit the Lincolnshire Wolds AONB website.

Step by step instructions
  1. Let's set off!
  2. 1

    Stage 1: Riverhead to Utterby Church (6.3 miles and approx. 50 minutes)

    Start from Navigation Warehouse (TF 337 879) and cycle towards the town, with the Woolpack Inn on your right.

    1. Immediate right turn up Victoria Road and continue on, over busy crossroads.
    2. You will pass Brackenborough Hall on your left and then Brackenborough Wood.
    3. Turn left at the next unsigned junction, then continue on and ignore the next left turn.
    4. Turn left at the Covenham fork, signposted Utterby.
    5. Turn right onto the busy A16 and into Utterby.
    6. Turn left down Church Lane, signposted North Ormsby and then stop at the Church.
  3. 2

    Stage 2: Utterby Church to North Elkington (5.1 miles and approx. 40 minutes)

    1. Leave Utterby Church and continue out of the village towards North Ormsby.
    2. Turn left at North Ormsby junction and head uphill, stopping at Jubilee bench. Look across the fields to see the site of medieval North Ormsby.
    3. Continue on the long climb uphill.
    4. Turn left at the top junction; the disused Kelstern Airfield is on your right, and continue along.
    5. Ignore the first turn to your left, taking the next left turn by the post box to North Elkington.
    6. Continue on through the farmyard towards the telecommunication mast.
  4. 3

    Stage 3: North Elkington to Little Grimsby (2.5 miles and approx. 15 minutes)

    1. In the fields to the north west of the mast is the site of medieval North Elkington.
    2. Continue downhill; enjoy the great coastal views ahead of you – weather permitting.
    3. Stop at the A16 Fotherby bypass, walk your bike across the road and up the walkway on the other side.
    4. Remount and continue down the lane.
    5. At the end of the lane turn left, then immediately right on to Little Grimsby Lane.
    6. Continue over the disused railway line and into Little Grimsby.
  5. 4

    Stage 4: Little Grimsby to Riverhead (4.8 miles and approx. 35 minutes)

    1. Continue out of Little Grimsby.
    2. Turn right at Grange Farm junction, signposted Louth.
    3. Turn right at the next junction and continue past Brackenborough Wood once again.
    4. Carry on into Louth, straight ahead at the busy crossroads.
    5. At the bottom of Victoria Road, turn left towards Navigation Warehouse, the end of the route.
  6. You made it! Well done.