Wolds Walks - In the Footsteps of Tennyson

  • Distance 0.00 Miles
  • Elevation 0.00FT
  • Duration Up to 3 hours

Two circular walks of 2 and 5 ¼ miles through the countryside surrounding Bag Enderby and Somersby; the inspiration for the early works of Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Starting from the quiet hamlet of Bag Enderby, the walks explore different aspects of the Wolds landscape, with both passing through Somersby, Tennyson’s birthplace and home for the first twenty-eight years of his life.

  • Maps: OS Explorer Map 273
  • Parking: Parking on the grass in front of Bag Enderby church
  • Terrain: A mixture of footpaths, bridleways and quiet lanes – may be muddy in places
  • Stiles: Stiles on route 1; none on route 2
  • Refreshments & Toilets: White Hart Inn, Tetford (2 ½ miles) with its Tennyson settle; or The George & Dragon and two tearooms at Hagworthingham (3 miles)

Researched and produced by the community of Somersby and Bag Enderby.

Looking after the Wolds - The Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service works in partnership with the Lincolnshire Wolds Joint Advisory Committee and other groups and individuals to help protect, enhance and raise awareness of this nationally protected landscape. For more information about the Wolds, please visit the Lincolnshire Wolds AONB website.

Step by step instructions
  1. Let's set off!
  2. 1

    Route 1

    Leave the churchyard past the notice board and the former rectory, Ferndale Manor, on your left. Follow the path alongside the thatched Ivy House Farm on your left, with the old dairy and quarry on your right.

  3. 2

    Follow the footpath through the fields to Somersby, passing over 4 sets of stiles. As you cross these fields and pastures enjoy views of the rear of both Somersby Grange and Somersby House.

  4. 3

    Continue on the footpath through the farmyard and onto the lane where you turn left. St Margaret’s on your right is a 15th century church, with plenty of information on Alfred inside. Almost opposite the church is the castellated Somersby Grange and to its right the cream coloured Somersby House, Tennyson’s birthplace.

  5. 4

    Carry on down Bridge Road to the bridge over the brook. Turn around and view old redbrick Gamekeepers Cottage built next to the ancient Holywell Wood before you head on back up the hill, the way you came. Cross the stile on your left opposite Candleshoe Cottage, viewing Holywell Wood as you walk along to the farm cottages on Tetford Road. Holywell Wood is not accessible now but the Tennyson children played here.

  6. 5

    Emerge onto Tetford Road and turn right, passing Somersby House Farm and left at the grassed triangle in Somersby, continuing along the leafy lane to Bag Enderby.

  7. 6

    At Bag Enderby turn right by the Poets Tree, passing various farm cottages before returning to the church.

  8. 7

    Route 2

    Leave the churchyard through the yew tree tunnel and turn left onto Church Lane to Bridge Road, passing the old blacksmiths and White Cottage as you go.

  9. 8

    Cross the road and follow Brinkhill Lane for approx. 1 mile, then take the bridleway on the left and continue along the field edge with the hedge on your right.

  10. 9

    Follow the path through the gap, with Snake Holt on your left, then continue uphill. Take the bridleway to the left, following the track to the left at Fox Covert, an example of ancient woodland.

  11. 10

    Follow the sign to the right and walk through the yard of Wardenhill Farm, along the track and descend to join Tetford Road at Somersby House Farm.

  12. 11

    Turn left and walk carefully along the lane, then turn right onto Bridge Road (alternatively, to return to Bag Enderby, turn left and continue to the village, turning right at the Poets tree, back to the church). On your right is St Margaret’s church and on the left the castellated Somersby Grange and the cream coloured Somersby House.

  13. 12

    Leave the village along Bridge Road, dropping downhill to cross the brook. Take the next road left, continue along and take the next left to Stainsby.

  14. 13

    Pass through Stainsby House farmyard, following the waymarkers downhill, with woodland on your right, over farmland and cross the bridge over the brook once again.

  15. 14

    Pass through Paradise Holt and continue uphill, passing the thatched Ivy House Farm on your left, and following the road back to the church.

  16. You made it! Well done.