Lincolnshire Limewoods Walks - Wragby & Goltho - Short Walk

  • Distance 0.00 Miles
  • Elevation 0.00FT
  • Duration 2.25 hours

The Lincolnshire Limewoods area, between Wragby, Bardney and Woodhall Spa is a great place to explore with ancient woodlands, medieval abbey ruins and a wealth of wildlife and history.

This walk will take you from Wragby through a typical Limewood landscape, through both established and newly planted woodland to the site of a deserted medieval village and an isolated chapel.

  • Distance: 4.5 miles (7km)
  • Time: Approximately 2 1/4 hours at a leisurely pace.
  • Parking: Market Place, Wragby - Grid ref: TF 132 780 Postcide LN8 5QU
  • Terrain: Mostly easy level walking using field paths, some quiet roads and woodland rides. It can be uneven and muddy in places especially through the woodlands.
  • Toilets: Market Place, Wragby

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Step by step instructions
  1. Let's set off!
  2. 1

    Leave the Market Place along Bardney Road, towards the old windmill.

  3. 2

    Turn left along Mill View Road. At the end of the road continue straight on along a public footpath to the edge of the old cemetery.

  4. 3

    Turn right and follow the footpath across the field to a hedge. Cross the bridge and continue along the footpath, ignoring a footpath on the left, to walk beside a hedge and drain to a road.

  5. 4

    Turn left. Take care around the bends on this stretch of road (the verge on the right hand side of the road is wider).

  6. 5

    After 400m turn right along a public footpath and follow the edge of the field straight ahead. At the end of the hedge turn left beside some trees and after approx. 80m turn right across the field to the corner of the woodland. Continue straight ahead alongside the woodland to a drive.

  7. 6

    Walk across the drive and bear slightly left heading towards the hedge to the left of the telegraph pole ahead. Go through the gap in the hedge and bear left, cutting across the corner of the field, to the hedge. Follow the hedge and drain on the left. Where the drain bends left at a telegraph pole continue straight on across the field to a bridge over a drain.

  8. 7

    Cross the bridge, turn left and walk beside the drain for approx. 150m. Where the drain bends to the left, walk ahead across the field bearing left to a fingerpost sited on the edge of an area of tree planting. Bear left to a bridge. Cross the bridge and bear right towards the woodland edge and fingerpost, walking through another area of planted trees.

  9. 8

    At the finger post turn right. At the bridge and junction of footpaths turn right over a second bridge and follow the field edge straight on to a bridge into the woodland. Follow the path through the woodland.

  10. 9

    At the woodland edge bear right through an area of tree planting and across the field heading to the right hand edge of the wooded area on the opposite side of the field. Walk through the trees to the road.

  11. 10

    Turn right and follow the road, ignoring a road on the left, to rejoin the directions at point 15, at a public footpath sign on the left.

  12. 11

    Follow the road to a junction.

  13. 12

    Turn left to return to the Market Place in Wragby.

  14. You made it! Well done.