InterConnect Bus Walk 1 - Faldingworth - Market Rasen - Long Walk

  • Distance 0.00 Miles
  • Elevation 0.00FT
  • Duration 3.5 to 4.5 hours approx

The InterConnect Walks provides a series of suggested walks across the Lincolnshire countryside.

Bus stops are located at the start and finish, of these walks, delivering you to some of the most beautiful spots Lincolnshire has to offer. Explore the stunning scenery, discover wildlife havens or simply enjoy a picnic in a picturesque spot.

  • Distance: 7.25 miles (11.5km)
  • Time: approx. 3.5 to 4.5 hours
  • Terrain: Along public footpaths and bridleways which can be muddy at times. Roadside walking, including crossing the main A631 and A46 roads. Generally level, with some gentle slopes.
  • Toilets: Publics toilets are located in John Street, Market Rasen next to the Post Office.
  • Gates: most are metal or wooden swing type gates.
  • Bus Route: InterConnect 53.
Step by step instructions
  1. Let's set off!
  2. 1

    From the bus stop, walk towards the primary school. Near the school gate, turn right then immediately left to follow a signposted public footpath on the tarmac between the school and All Saints' Church. Cross straight over Stocks Lane to walk between a hedge and house, to a metal gate, then straight across another two fields to emerge on a lane at a farmyard.

  3. 2

    There, turn right to walk along a stone track. Just before the old hedge , turn left to follow the footpath across a large field. At the midfield junction of footpaths, turn right and aim for an overhead electric line pole to walk across the field directly towards the distant hedgerow. At the field edge, turn left to walk beside the hedge, turning right to cross a footbridge into a greass field.

  4. 3

    Bear half left crossing the field to the corner of the next hedge. Continue ahead, hedge on your right, to a ditch. Turn right to cross a footbridge, before carrying on along a field edge, with the hedge on your right, to another footbridge and the farm track beyond.

  5. 4

    There, turn right along this track to pass Newton Ings Farm and the buildings, following the track as it becomes a grassy lane. Cross the ditch over an aged brick field bridge, continuing along the track to pass a small mixed plantation. Turn left to cross the footbridge beside an old ash tree, then right towards another larger plantation.

  6. 5

    After the next footbridge, turn left to join a bridleway. Follow this as it skirts a corner of the plantation, before heading uphill along a wide grassy track. Continue downhill on the stone track to emerge on Toft Lane at West Rasen.

  7. 6

    There, cross the road, turning left along a tarmac footpath. After End Cottage, turn right to follow the signposted footpath through a small gap between the fence and wall, along a garden boundary, then across a grass field with various 'humps and bumps'. These reveal evidence of a former settlement. Pass through a wooden gate directly left of the old red brick Roman Catholic chapel, now used as the village heritage centre. Follow the paved path, past the outside privy and millstone to the main road.

  8. 7

    CROSS OVER THE A631 ROAD WITH CARE to an interpretation plaque for the medieval packhorse bridge. Take the adjacent gap to follow the signposted public footpath along the right bank of the River Rase. Enjoy the views of the castellated turrets of All Saints' Church. Cross over the concrete bridge to then walk along the river's left bank. Continue on, with the river on your right, past the sewage works and across two wooden footbridges to emerge, through a metla swing gate, in Middle Rasen.

  9. 8

    There, cross the road to walk up North Street, past St Peter & St Paul's church and the village primary school. Turn right across the footbridge opposite Braemar Farm to follow a footpath through two grass fields, to emerge at the road bridge on Low Church Road.

  10. 9

    Turn right then immediately left to follow a track beside the River Rase. At the 'private road' sign turn right through a wooden swing gate to walk diagonally across individual horse paddocks in front of the house, encountering three metal swing gates. Emerge onto Gallamore Lane, through a wooden swing gate and turn left to walk on the grass verge alongside the main road.

  11. 10

    CROSS THE MAIN A46 ROAD WITH CARE to take the signposted public footpath through a metal swing gate. Keeping left of the hedge, continue past a bungalow, to emerge beside the A631 road. Turn left to follow the tarmac footpath, past Holy Road Catholic Church, to the bus stop at the Market Place in Market Rasen town centre.

  12. You made it! Well done.