Harry’s mini adventures

Today, our children are being raised in a culture of digital entertainment, so less emphasis is placed on outdoor play. However, getting outside is vitally important for your child’s cognitive, social and physical development, allowing them to explore their physical boundaries, problem solve, think outside the box and grow in confidence.

The Lincolnshire Wolds provides a natural outdoor playground for children to learn about agriculture and nature, encouraging creative play time. There are areas to camp, streams to fish, woodlands to forage and plenty of space to explore…

Here is little Harry’s mini adventure at Hall Farm Park

This weekend Mummy and Daddy took me to Hall Farm Park where real farmers work but where we can also meet the animals – we saw cows, sheep, pigs, donkeys, chickens, horses, ducks, rabbits and even two alpacas called Ant and Dec. My favourite animal was Billy the goat who I got to take on a walk. Billy was very cheeky and very strong – I learnt that goats have rectangular pupils, so they can see in the dark, and they can also swim.

A big red tractor took us on a tour of the farm where the dancing farmer introduced us to his cows and we helped to feed them their favourite snack… potatoes! Did you know that cows also eat their weight in grass in a single week? I didn’t either!

There was a magical woodland walk and I did a nature detective quiz. I had to look and listen for wildlife, solve puzzles and read the boards to find out fun facts about the trees and the animals. I also made a wish under the wishing tree and even beat Daddy on my nature quiz, so my wish came true!

Later we played in Barney’s Play Barn and I went down the snow slide 10 times! There was also a big sand pit I could play in and lots of soft areas to jump and climb on. I tried to jump as high as Billy the goat but couldn’t get high enough so went on the bouncy castle and practised jumping for a long time. I only stopped because I was hungry, and Mummy had bought me chocolate cake from Pepperpot Tearoom.

It was a fun day and Mummy said we could go back to Hall Farm Park for my birthday and feed the lambs.

Next weekend we are going camping and to the steam railway, so I promise to tell you all about my adventures when I get back.

Love from Harry.