Have yourself a Happy Hygge January

Firstly we hope that everyone has had a great start to 2023. It can be that time of year when it is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the pressure of those New Year’s Resolutions! So here’s a thought. How about taking it easy this January!

We think it could be the perfect time to go slow, take stock, enjoy comfort and the company of those around you and find joy in what is easily accessible. There is a reason the Danes and Norwegians came up with the word hygge which literally means accessing a mood of comfortable conviviality through gentle social interactions and self-care. Self-care can take many different forms and doesn’t need to cost a bomb. How about a gentle walk? Did you know you can find a range of outdoor activities by using our search tool on the Love Lincolnshire Wolds site. Whether you are into walking or cycling and are after a route from anything between 1-25 miles, you can find something in your local area. Why not take a look:


You will find detailed information about the routes and you are bound to discover something new. We set off on the Spa Trail which you can access from either Horncastle or Woodhall and we definitely made the most of the wonderful clear weather. Some of the woodland is protected and managed by the Woodland Trust so see if you can incorporate that into your route as it is great for wildlife spotting.

Banovallum carr

Setting off from Horncastle you can park at the swimming pool, cross the two bridges and easily access the trail.  There are various car parks along the way and for the most part, follows the track bed of the old railway line which opened in 1855 and closed permanently in 1971. The Spa Trail forms part of the Viking Way long distance footpath which you can find more information about here: 

The Viking Way (lovelincolnshirewolds.com)

The path has been extensively upgraded to be suitable for wheelchair users and families with pushchairs.  

Spa trail 1


Fika is a well known concept in Sweden and definitely can form part of your hygge routine.  It is more than just coffee and cake.  Fika is about savouring the whole routine, of enjoying the pause, of taking time out for a few moments in the day.  You can go out to one of the many local cafes of course or enjoy the ritual in your own home.  If you are venturing out, why not do a quick search for local places to eat:

Food & Drink (lovelincolnshirewolds.com)

If you are all about home baking, then try out this easy recipe for ginger cookies from Paul Hollywood, taken from the BBC Good Food website. It makes about 30 cookies depending on size:


We hope you found some time in your day today to take a pause, perhaps next time you can relax whilst reading our next blog!